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LegalTech : Lawyers, Technology And Business
Edition 6 - Latest | May 2022
  • What you will get to read –
  • The Lawyers : Unorganised by Marko Porobija,
  • Tech Tools for Client-Firm Interface by Legaltech Italia, The Italian Legaltech Community
  • Role of technology in the growth of ALSP’s by Vasundhara Shankar from Verum Legal
  • Business Model Innovation Through Legaltech
  • Blockchain Primer : Smart Contracts By Dr Prakash Sharma, Technology Consultant

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AI in Legal : Use Cases, Implications, Implementation and

Raymond Sun

Technology Lawyer & AI Developer, from A Global Firm
Episode 8 - Latest | Jan 2023
  • What is AI and ML, its benefits and uses
  • How does AI add value in the Legal Sector
  • AI in Contract Management
  • Generative AI
  • ChatGPT and the legal sector
  • Misconceptions regarding AI
  • AI – will it replace Jobs?
  • Implementation challenges in AI

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