• Ep : 08

AI in Legal : Use Cases, Implications, Implementation and Training

Raymond Sun

Technology Lawyer & AI Developer

Ep : 08

In this latest edition of the PCounsel Live Podcast, our host, Mr Rohan Khanna, delves into the field of AI and its implications, learnings and future in the field of Legal, in an engaging discussion with our latest guest, Mr Raymond Sun from Sydney Australia – a lawyer and an AI developer!

Raymond Sun

Ray is a technology lawyer practising in Australia at a global law firm, specialising in AI, Digital Assets and Privacy Law. Ray is also an AI programmer on the side, having released his own AI products to market, including a mobile app that can analyse the synchronization of dance moves. In addition to the tech, Ray is passionate about AI ethics and responsible AI, having studied it under the AI Programme at the Oxford University. Ray also regularly creates content on AI on Linkedin, Youtube and TikTok.

Raymond appears here in his personal capacity – and opinions / views stated herein are his own.

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